Set your digital mission in motion.

Launch Code Capital is an investment fund and advisory group focused on seed and early-stage companies within the digital currency and blockchain technology industries. We’re seeking high impact startups with the skills and vision to build critical infrastructure that’ll help bring crypto from the geeks to the masses.


How We Add Value


We provide capital from $10k-$500k as well as in the millions from our network of funds.


We design & advise token structure to optimize project longevity & user participation.


Our on-call influencer network can rapidly bring awareness & adoption to your project.


We review & structure fundraising & project mechanics to ensure regulatory compliance.


We identify synergies with other projects & provide potential partnership introductions.


We provide resource access or suggestions to ad hoc resource needs including tools & hiring.

Our team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors from the SaaS, blockchain, biotech, and financial sectors. We’re passionate about emerging technologies and have successfully scaled businesses through several bull and bear markets. Our in-depth understanding of industry-specific challenges and our strong network of resources position us to deploy capital and expertise in a way that helps our portfolio companies succeed.